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Disability History Month Inclusion Café

Discussing systemic inequalities and personal experiences in a safe and welcoming space, over a coffee

Our inclusion café allows staff and students to come together in a safe and informal space to discuss challenges and inequalities in Higher Education over coffee and cake. This inclusion café will focus on disability- all is welcome to share their experiences and ideas for moving towards fairer and more inclusive University environments.

Event details

In this inclusion café, we invite students and staff share their thoughts and/or experiences in a safe and welcoming environment. We will provide coffee, tea and nibbles (e.g., cake) and we want to have an open discussion about existing challenges in our educational environments and ways of moving forward.

Notes (anonymous ones) will be taken forward to the Head of Department and Directors of Education (if consent is given) to discuss existing barriers to inclusion and ways of moving forward.

WHEN? 22.11.2023


22112023_DHM.pdf (5666K)


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