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Careers with the Government Legal Service

Lawyers in the Government Legal Service (GLS) have one client: the British Government.

Whether the Government is creating new legislation, procuring goods and services, employing people or defending its decisions in court, it needs significant levels of legal advice. To carry out this work, the Government needs its own lawyers who understand its business. The GLS comprises 2000 lawyers working in the legal teams of 30 Departments of State and other Government organizations. GLS lawyers advise Ministers and officials on their powers and responsibilities litigate on their behalf and ensure that official decisions comply with the law.Its a terrific responsibility.As a legal trainee in the GLS, its a responsibility you could share.Steven Richards (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) will provide an insight into the work of the GLS, its lawyers and the recruitment process for its legal trainee scheme. Steven is an alumnus of the University of Exeter and joined the GLS as a legal trainee. Since qualifying as a solicitor, Steven has worked in a number of legal roles within BIS and currently advises on legal matters relating to higher and vocational education.

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