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Prof Guy Standing - The Global Precariat - Why it is the new dangerous class

Globalisation and the neo-liberal economic policies underpinning it have spawned a global class structure, in which the precariat is the new mass class. It consists of millions living in insecurity, without occupational identities, without control of their lives, without secure income and losing rights. Many are still unaware that they are in it or close to being in it. But millions do recognise themselves as in it. The precariat is not yet a class-for-itself. Indeed, it is almost at war with itself. But that is changing as the anxiety, alienation, anomie and anger are growing everywhere.This presentation will draw on a recent book to consider what may happen as the precariat swells. Governments have yet to understand; a politics of inferno is building up, against which a new politics of paradise is urgently required.

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Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies