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Dr Uri Davis Al-Quds University Jerusalem

The next steps for Palestine at the UN

After defining the key terms of his Paper (What is Palestine?; What is political-Zionism?; What are Zionist Institutions?; What is ethnic cleansing?; What is apartheid?) and after considering the analogies and the specificities of Israeli apartheid versus past South African apartheid as well as the political implication of declaring Israel an apartheid state under international law - the Paper discusses future dangers and ambiguities underpinning the partial diplomatic victory of the PLO/State of Palestine in the UN and concludes that the next best step for Palestine in the UN could very well be: pressing the UNGA to reduce the status of Israel from a Full-Member state to an Observer-Member state so longs as the core of strategic Israeli apartheid legislation is not dismantled, and in this connection declare the borders of Observer-Member "Jewish" (or better Hebrew) state to be the borders designated in UNGA Resolution 181(ii) of 1947.

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