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Exploring the context Putting us all in-the-picture Speaker: Jonathan Rix (Open University)

In-the-picture was developed to better engage with the perspectives of very young disabled children and those with whom typical communication practices are less effective

Its key components are the use of first person narrative and photographs to record a childs experience and to support reflective discussions with all those involved. This emerging observational approach is very simple to adopt but seems to offer a means of changing practitioners ways of seeing the child and their capabilities. The data and processes demonstrate the importance of understanding the child as a participant within context. This is underlined by an analysis of documentation associated with one child which took place as part of this research. It would appear that people talk about context but record the person.

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Speaker biography

Jonathan is a Senior lecturer in Inclusion, Curriculum and Learning at the Open University.
His research interests focus upon: policies, practices and language associated with inclusion; capturing diverse perspectives; and developing models to facilitate our thinking about the form and function of education. He has a particular personal and professionalnal interest in issues relating to learning difficulties. He was a founder of a research group for people with learning difficulties exploring the accessibility of heritage sites, has led a 3 -year Training and Development Agency systematic review of pedagogies that effectively include children with special educational needs and recently completed a review of policies and practices related to special education across 50 nations for the National Council for Special Education. Jonathan has carried out a number of research projects with children, parents and practitioners involved in early intervention. The in -the-picture approach emerged from this latter research.

A recording of this seminar is now available.

Jonathan_Rix.pdfJonathan Rix abstract and biography (199K)


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