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'Problematising 'Diversity' and 'Integration' discourses and practices: what are the alternatives?' - Seminar by Professor Floya Anthias (University of East London)

This paper proposes the need to move beyond current integration and diversity discourses (and their practices). It argues that whilst purportedly aiming to attack social divisions, on the one hand, these are underpinned by binary and essentialised constructions of these very divisions, on the other. They thereby reinforce notions of ‘us’ and ‘them’. These problems are also embodied in their failures politically which make the importance of rethinking the approaches to the incorporation of minorities urgent. In order to retain their more progressive concerns with heterogeneity and inclusion, the paper brings into focus an intersectional approach that considers the complex and irreducible nature of belonging and social hierarchy. The paper explores alternative ways of approaching the social issues involved. Readings: Moving beyond integration and diversity discourses and practices: towards an intersectional framing, Sociological Review, Vol 61: 2, May 2013 Intersections and Translocations:New paradgms for thinking about Cultural Diversity and Social Identities, European Educational Research Journal, v10 n2 p204-217 2011

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Floya Anthias has been Professor of Sociology at the University of East London since 2013. Prior to this she was Professor of Sociology and Social Justice at the University of Roehampton (where she remains as Emeritus Professor). She has also been Professor of Sociology at the University of Greenwich and Oxford Brookes University. Floya was born in Cyprus and migrated as a small child with her parents to Britain. She was educated at the London School of Economics (B.Sc. Soc.) the University of Birmingham (M.Soc.Sc) and Royal Holloway College (Ph.D). Her main academic writings have explored different forms of stratification, social hierarchy and inequality, and how they interconnect. Her research spans a range of theoretical and empirical concerns relating to this. 


A recording of this seminar can be found on the student intranet, within Research, Training and Skills.

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