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Translational Science Seminar

Graham Colbert, an alumnus of the University of Exeter who graduated with a BSc in Chemistry in 1985, will be talking about his career path and current work as chief operating officer of Genomics England.

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Graham also has extensive experience of the pharmaceutical industry, having formerly worked as Vice President (Finance) for Astra Zeneca. He will discuss the importance of genomics in modern translational medicine and the technologies available for genome analysis, which have made whole genome sequencing significantly more cost-effective over the past few years. He will outline the key aims and principles of Genomics England’s ambitious 100k Genomes project, which intends to deliver a wealth of genetic information to inform the exciting future of personalised medicine.

On the same day, the University’s Vegetarian Society have organised a talk by Professor Mark Post, Professor of Vascular Physiology at the University of Maastricht. This will be held 5.30-6.30pm in Northcote House, and Prof Post will be talking about his work in developing ethical and humane in vitro meat.

These talks are sure to be both fascinating and beneficial for all students within the Medical Sciences degree programme, so please do make every effort to attend.


Newman Red LT (F)