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RIME (Research in Music Education) Conference

The 9th International Conference for Research in Music Education

Event details

The aim of the conference is to gather together researchers, teachers and practitioners to share and discuss research that is concerned with all aspects of teaching and learning in music: musical development, perception and understanding, creativity, learning theory, pedagogy, curriculum design, informal settings, music for special needs, technologies, instrumental teaching, teacher education, gender and culture. Music education is also viewed in the context of arts education, the whole curriculum and its sociocultural contexts. 

Keynote speakers to include:

    Associate Professor Kathryn Marsh – University of Sydney, Australia
    Professor Margaret Barrett– University of Queensland, Australia
    Professor Henkjan Honing – University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Associate Professor Randall Allsup - Teachers College Columbia, USA
    Professor Stephanie Pitts – University of Sheffield, UK

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