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The Concept of Surrender in International Humanitarian Law - Dr Russell Buchan Senior Lecturer in International Law at Sheffield

Respondent: Dr Noelle Quenivet, Associate Professor in International Law, University of the West of England

This talk forms part of an on-going seminar series entitled 'Axis of Protection: Human Rights in International Law'. This series is jointly convened by the Universities of Exeter, Oxford and Reading. It provides an opportunity for scholars to engage in discussion of contemporary and challenging issues concerning the protection of human rights in international law, with emphasis on human rights law, international humanitarian law and international refugee law. At each meeting, a paper is presented for 30-40 minutes, followed by a formal response and discussion. Meetings alternate each term between the three host institutions. Seminars are open to staff and students of the participating universities. Recent speakers include Professor Malcolm Evans (Bristol), Emanuela Gillard (ELAC, Oxford), Dr Jure Vidmar (Oxford), Professor Susan Breau (Reading) and Professor Michael Schmitt (Exeter and US Naval War College). The convenors of the series are Lawrence Hill-Cawthorne and Ruvi Ziegler (Reading), Kubo Mačák (Exeter) and Janina Dill (Oxford).

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