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Dr Talmiz Ahmad

'West Asia Four Years After The Arab Spring: Challenges for Indian Diplomacy’

Talmiz Ahmad joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1974. He served in Kuwait, Baghdad and Sanaa, early in his career, followed by postings in New York, Jeddah, London and Pretoria. He was the ambassador to Saudi Arabia twice, between 2000-03 and then again in 2010-11.He was also ambassador to the UAE (2007-10) and Oman (2003-04). He was Additional Secretary for International Cooperation in the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas during 2004-06. In 2006-07, he was Director General of the Indian Council of World Affairs. After retirement from foreign service in 2011, he worked in the corporate sector in Dubai for three years. He is now a business consultant in Dubai. He has written three books: Reform in the Arab World: External Influences and Regional Debates (India Research Press, 2005), Children of Abraham at War: the Clash of Messianic Militarisms (Aakar Books, 2010) and The Islamist Challenge in West Asia: Doctrinal and Political Competitions after the Arab Spring (Pentagon Press, 2013). He writes and lectures frequently on the politics of West Asia, political Islam and energy security. He is currently a Visiting Distinguished Fellow at Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi.

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Newman Collaborative Lecture Theatre (C/D)