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From Islamic to Contemporary? The visual Arts in the Arab World and the Missing Modernity

A talk by Silvia Naef

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Silvia Naef is full professor at the Arabic Studies Section of the University of Geneva, where she teaches cultural history of the Arab world. She has been a visiting professor at the University of Toronto (2007-2009), lecturing on modern art of the Middle East and has taught in Basel and Tübingen (1995-2000). Her research deals with modern art and visual representations in the Arab and Islamic world. Among her main publications are: Y a-t-il une question de l’image en Islam ? (2004; German 2007, Italian 2011), A la recherche d’une modernité arabe, L’évolution des arts plastiques en Egypte, au Liban et en Irak (1996; Arabic 2008). 


Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies