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Exeter Neuroscience Research Seminars: "The role of AMP-activated protein kinase in neural glucose sensing" and "'Using cognitive training to modify eating behaviour"

Speakers: Dr Craig Beall and Dr Natalia Lawrence

Event details

Seminars based around the neuroscience research being carried out at the University of Exeter.

The evening will consist of two short presentations, followed by an opportunity for discussion and debate.

This month’s speakers are:

Dr Craig Beall  - "The role of AMP-activated protein kinase in neural glucose sensing"

The Beall laboratory is interested in the complex adaptive responses to acute and recurrent hypoglycaemia, which is still a frequent concern for people with type 1 and advanced type 2 diabetes. The lab focuses on deciphering the neuronal and glial responses to hypglycaemia and the communication between both cell types.

Dr Natalia Lawrence - 'Using cognitive training to modify eating behaviour'

Natalia is a cognitive neuroscientist who has a background in experimental psychology, behavioural neuroscience and clinical research. She combines brain imaging and experimental psychology methods to study emotional processing in a range of psychological disorders and has a keen interest in Compulsive behaviour and mood disorders: Why do some people lose control over their behaviour and emotions? Can cognitive training strengthen control over habitual or impulsive behaviour and maladaptive emotional responses?

A buffet will be provided and the bar will be open for drinks.

For further details, please email: Nikki Archer