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Seminar by Professor Michael Young (Institute of Education) 'Researching the Curriculum: from 'Knowledge of the powerful' to 'powerful knowledge’

This talk will will trace how Professor Young was led to change his approach to the curriculum from his first book Knowledge and Control to the work he has done since his book 'Bringing Knowledge Back' In was published in 2007.

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No power point slides were used in this presentation but a recording of the seminar can be found on the student intranet (apologies for the poor sound quality for the first couple of minutes)

Michael Young is a Professor of Education at University College London, Institute of Education. He has Honorary or Visiting Professorships at universities in UK, China, South Africa, and New Zealand.  His most recent publications are Bringing Knowledge Back In, Knowledge, Expertise and the Professions(with Johan Muller)(2014), Knowledge and the Future School(with David Lambert(2014).  His new book(with Johan Muller) Curriculum and the Specialization of Knowledge will be published by Routledge in 2016. His research interests are in the sociology of knowledge and its relevance for the school curriculum and for professional and vocational knowledge.


Baring Court 114