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Language and Education Network workshop with Yi-Mei Chen (University of Exeter)

Understanding and designing communicative activities

As you may be aware that communicative approaches (CLT and TBLT) have been the focus in the area of EFL (English as a foreign language) for more than four decades, however, the approaches are still not fully understood by many EFL teachers.

Event details

Before I started studying at postgraduate school in the University of Exeter, I taught English for over 15 years in Taiwan. I enjoy using methods with communicative approaches since I received the CLT training in year 2000, provided by a teacher trainer from Macquarie University. My doctoral study investigated the implementation of communicative approaches in a Taiwanese secondary school. I offered workshops to provide a group of teachers with the input knowledge of communicative approaches and provided feedback after observing their lessons.

In this workshop, we will discuss what it means by communicative approaches; I will show some examples, and participants will be invited to design communicative activities in group. Finally, we will comment on those activities. I look forward to welcoming you to the workshop.

Before studying at the University of Exeter, Yi-Mei taught English to young and adult learners for over 15 years in Taiwan. She has used methods with communicative approaches since receiving CLT training in 2000, provided by a teacher trainer from Macquarie University.  Yi-Mei Chen’s research interests include communicative approaches (CLT and TBLT), focus-on-forms and focus-on-meaning instruction, second language acquisition, explicit and implicit teaching and learning, classroom discourse, Conversation Analysis, teacher knowledge, teachers’ beliefs, teacher education, reflective teaching, action research.


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