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Dr Ann Childs (University of Oxford) - What is the role of university teacher educators in the new policy landscape for teacher education in England?

Presentation of key findings from our research into the learning of SCK and PCK in subject departments

Here I will use the research in subject departments to explore what is learned, how it is learned and what facilitates and constrains this learning. One of the key motivations for this research was that secondary PGCE students in England spend two thirds of their time in subject departments and, as teacher educators, we wanted to understand the day-to-day demands and processes of learning to develop our own ITE and CPD programmes. Since this research took place the coalition government has moved rapidly to more school-led and school-based ITE and CPD. This policy direction draws on a notion of teaching as a craft learned best from experienced professionals in the context of the school and the classroom.

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Dr_Ann_Childs.pdfDr Ann Child's Biography and Abstract (192K)
Dr_Ann_Childs.pdfDr Ann Child's PowerPoint Presentation (200K)


Baring Court 114