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PenCHORD Training: Problem Structuring Workshop

MODULE 3: Structuring a Problem for Modelling

Event details

Problem Structuring Methods (PSMs) provide a means of structuring real-world problems, which are often complex, in order to better understand the problem and generate focused questions. Such questions may then be used as a starting point for designing a model. In this module, participants will learn some simple but effective problem structuring techniques and apply them to real problems from their own organisations. Participants are asked to bring along examples of such problems that may be used in a variety of team exercises.

Participants are NOT required to have completed previous modules in the training programme to attend this course.

Learning Objectives:

Appreciate the role of problem structuring within the modelling process
Demonstrate an understanding of some key tools and techniques used for problem structuring
Apply their new skills to explore and structure problems
Have developed a structured question based on a real-world complex problem

Future modules are also planned and these will build into a complete suite of courses. For more information please see PenCHORD training webpage on the PenCLAHRC website.



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