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Visiting Speaker: Dr Andrea Mura, IAIS, University of Exeter

Negotiating Boundaries in the Islamist Matrix: A Political Theology of the Border

By assuming Islamism, as a complex, dynamic and highly differentiated discursive universe, the seminar explores the way in which territorial boundaries have variously been negotiated, disputed, and creatively reconfigured within the Islamist matrix. With intersections between political theology, Middle East politics and political thought, and a comparative approach between different eschatological traditions, the lecture draws a cartography of the ‘border’, exposing critical implications for notions of citizenship, antagonism, and religious space in the history of the twentieth-century Sunni Islamic political movement.

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Andrea Mura is a Lecturer in Middle East Politics and Political Thought at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter.  He has published widely in the fields of comparative political thought (European and Middle Eastern thought), continental philosophy and Middle East politics, inquiring into the influence that political-theological questions have traditionally exerted upon ideas of power, justice, and economy in different traditions.  He is the author of The Symbolic Scenarios of Islamism: A Study in Islamic Political Thought (Ashgate, 2015).


IAIS Building/LT1