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Visiting Speaker - Professor Nicolai Sinai, University of Oxford

In the Messenger of God You Have a Good Example: Episcopal Leadership and the Medinan Qur'an

This lecture will examine the noticeably elevated status and wide range of functions that the Medinan Qur'an, in contrast to the earlier Meccan surahs, ascribes to the Qur'anic messenger. The perceptible discontinuity with the Meccan presentation of Muhammad's role raises the question whether the Medinan Qur'an might be recasting and latching on to pre-existing templates of communal leadership. Professor Sinai will proprose that the Christian episcopate yields a surprising number of close overlaps. At the same time, he will also highlight important differences. In the light of the evidence presented, the Medinan Qur'an emerges as engaged in a sophisticated appropriation of a wide range of late antique predecessor traditions.

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Professor Sinai is Associate Professor of Islamic Studies and Fellow of Pembroke College at the University of Oxford.  He received his doctorate from the Free University Berlin in 2007.  His primary focus of research is in Qur'anic studies which covers topics such as the Qur'an's literary features, its engagement with earlier (Christian, Rabbinic, Arabian) traditions, and Islamic scriptural exegesis.

Nicolai_Sinai_A4_poster.pdfProfessor Sinai, IAIS Visiting Speaker - 9 March 2016 (466K)


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