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Seminar by Professor Adam Dinham & Martha Shaw (Goldsmith University) "RE for Real: Towards a religiously literate curriculum"

This seminar will be based around a presentation of a recent national research project, 'RE for Real'.

RE for Real explored views on the purpose, content and structures of learning about religion and belief in secondary schools. The findings will be considered through the lens of religious literacy, followed by discussion of the implications of the recommendations for future policy and practice in RE and in education more widely.

Event details

Adam Dinham is Professor of Faith and Public Policy and Director of the Faiths and Civil Society Unit, Goldsmiths, University of London.

Martha Shaw is Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies at London South Bank University. She is a PhD Candidate at the Faiths & Civil Society Unit, Goldsmiths and at VID Specialized University, Oslo.

A recording of this presentation is available on the intranet.


Baring Court 114