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Seminar by Professor Linda Woodhead (Lancaster University) 'Religion in Schools: cultural change in Britain and the need for reform'

This paper brings together two aspects of my work

On the one hand, 25 years of research on changing beliefs and values in modern Britain, and on the other a more recent proposal for change in the way religion is handled in state-sector schools in England and Wales (‘A New Settlement’, with Charles Clarke). After analysing some of the most profound cultural changes in Britain, I suggest how these have a bearing on the future of RE, school assemblies and faith schools. This seminar will be recorded.

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Linda Woodhead MBE DD is Professor of Sociology of Religion in the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion in Lancaster University and Co-director of the Institute for Social Futures. Recent books include That was the Church, that was: how the Church of England lost the English People, A Sociology of Prayer, Christianity: A Very Short Introduction, and Everyday Lived Islam in Europe. She is the co-founder and organiser of the Westminster Faith Debates, and a regular commentator on religion on radio and television.

A recording of this seminar can be found on the Student Intranet, under Postgraduate Research - Research Training and Skills - College Level Seminar Recordings


Baring Court 114