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‘Influence of an American initial teacher education program on pre-service and in-service teachers’

CRPL Visiting Speaker - Professor Matthew Curtner-Smith (Professor of Sport Pedagogy, University of Alabama)

The primary purpose during this seminar will be to describe the research-based initial teacher education program at the University of Alabama. In addition, I will highlight some of the research I have conducted on this program with post-graduate students and colleagues.

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Specifically, I will focus on research carried out on the occupational socialization of our preservice teachers and inservice teachers who have graduated from the program. As well as attempting to answer questions from those attending, I will conclude the seminar by asking them the following questions: (a) How do your teacher education programs differ from our program in terms of organizational structure? (b) How do your teacher education programs differ from our program in terms of their theoretical and research-based frameworks? (c) Do your teacher education programs employ a models-based approach? and (d) Is there any research on the effectiveness of your teacher education programs using occupational socialization as the theoretical framework?

Dr Matthew Curtner-Smith is Professor and Department Head of Kinesiology at University of Alabama. He completed a BEd (Hons) Physical Education, Education Studies and History Degree from University of Exeter, awarded an MSc in Exercise and Sport Science from Colorado State University and received his EdD in Sport Pedagogy from University of Northern Colorado.    Dr Curtner-Smith conducts research into physical education teaching, teachers, teacher education and the curriculum. He teaches undergraduate courses for pre-service teachers learning to become physical educators. He also teaches classes for and supervises master’s and doctoral students studying sport pedagogy.

All are welcome to attend this seminar.





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