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Visiting Speaker - Dr Toufic Haddad,

Book Launch: "Palestine Ltd Neoliberalism and Nationalism in the Occupied Territory"

In Palestine Ltd., Toufic Haddad explores how neoliberal frameworks have shaped and informed the common understandings of international, Israeli and Palestinian interactions throughout the Oslo peace process.

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Drawing upon more than 20 years of policy literature, field-based interviews and recently declassified or leaked documents, he details how these frameworks have led to struggles over influencing Palestinian political and economic behaviour, and attempts to mould the class character of Palestinian society and its leadership.  A dystopian vision of Palestine emerges as the by-product of this complex asymmetrical interaction, where nationalism, neo-colonialism and ‘disaster capitalism’ both intersect and diverge.  This book is essential for students and scholars interested in Middle East Studies, Arab-Israeli politics and international development.



IAIS Building/LT1