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What are the benefits of carrying out Research using Ethnographic Methods and how can it be used effectively?

In particular, how has it been used in research into Creative Teaching and Learning?

CenCSE Research Seminar

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Bob Jeffrey (Honorary University Fellow, University of Exeter)

This seminar will examine some of the characteristics and features of using an ethnographic approach to educational research, led by Honorary Fellow Bob Jeffrey, who has been a central figure in research into creative teaching and learning, particularly in primary schools in the UK.

We will begin by establishing the extent of participating members knowledge and experience of using ethnography in research and its basic methodology. It will be an interactive session in which questions may be posed by anyone and the experiences and perspectives of those attending the session will be welcomed. Differences in interpretation and experience may well arise but we will see this as a welcome approach to examining some of the issues involved in carrying out ethnography. Illustrations of many of these aspect and issues will be from research into creative teaching and learning provided by the leader of the session. In particular we will look at how ethnography can be used in short term studies.

All are welcome to attend.


Baring Court 128