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Creative Communication: To blog or not to blog - is blogging right for me?

As part of the 'Creative Communication: seminar and workshop series’ André Tomlin (@Mental¬Elf), Caron Sprake (@CaronCares2) and Andrew McRae (@McRaeAndrew a head of department’s blog) will be talking about their blogs why they use them, their experiences in setting up and maintenance, and sharing some top tips for blogging and how to make the most of digital technology. So, if you want a clear and fun introduction to the importance of blogs and social media - this is the talk for you!

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This seminar will be followed by a practical ‘how to’ workshop hosted by André Tomlin. Please make sure you indicate your interest in attending the workshop when you register for the seminar as there is a minimum number this workshop will run for.

André Tomlin is an Information Scientist with 20 years’ experience working in evidence-based healthcare. He has worked in the NHS and for the University of Oxford where he helped to set up the Centre for Evidence Based Mental Health. In 2002, he spun out a company from Oxford University (, and he has spent the last 15 years building health websites for charities and the public sector. Most recently he has been the driving force behind the Mental Elf blog, which is part of a series of health evidence blogs designed to help health and social care professionals keep up to date with simple, clear and engaging summaries of evidence-based research.

Caron Sprake is passionate about good care for the elderly and campaigns to raise awareness about issues affecting them and their caregivers. From technophobe to award-winning blogger (UK Blog Awards 2016 in the category, Health and Social Care), Caron has used her blog, "Caron Cares" offering advice and information to anyone caring for someone elderly or with dementia, to help people across the world. Caron Cares is a cross between Age UK and Which with a person behind it who genuinely cares and is there to really help you. Caron is a regular columnist for Devon Life and writes for Huffington Post.

Andrew McRae is the Head of English at Exeter University and the author of ‘A Head of Department’s Blog’. He is a self-taught blogger, who uses this medium as a way of engaging with higher education policy and practice, particularly from the perspective of an academic department. He writes as an academic researcher, teacher and manager, often just trying to make sense of policy changes. In 2017 he has shared some posts with

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