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Seminar by Emeritus Professor Ian Menter (University of Oxford) Teacher education and government: a tale of two countries

The relationships between politics and teacher education have become increasingly close over recent decades in many contexts around the world, often causing significant challenges as well as some opportunities.

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In this talk Ian Menter will draw on his ongoing involvement in a project on the reform of teacher education in Kazan (Russia) and through a comparison with the development of teacher education policy in England - especially over the last forty years - will explore how the evolution of a new politics in both contexts may affect policy on teaching and teacher education.  Looking, for example, at 'post-communism' and 'neoliberalism' and their respective impacts on political systems, a number of contradictions and paradoxes are identified, when comparisons are drawn between the two systems.

Ian Menter is a former President of both the Scottish and the British Educational Research Associations.  He has worked at a number of universities in England and Scotland, most recently as Director of Professional Programmes in the Department of Education at the University of Oxford.  Now retired, he continues to work as a visiting professor at several universities and is advising on teacher education projects in a number of countries.


The recording for this seminar is now available.

exeter_menter_0218.pptxIan Menter powerpoint presentation June2018 (8940K)


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