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Reading:Problems with Generalization in Education Research,Their Consequences, & Their Implications (Pocock)

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Problems with Generalization in Education Research, Their Consequences, and Their Implications
Jeffrey Pocock, Institute of Education, University of London

Education research is a richly funded enterprise. Millions every year are spent
on myriad studies intent on illuminating one of the many areas (assessment, school
type, teacher quality, and technology, for instance) that are typically of interest to
education researchers. To education research, generalization is fundamental. After
all, if research findings cannot be extended to another context or person then
institutionalized forms of research lose much if not all of their overriding raison
d’être. However, in the essay that follows I problematize the very idea of generalization
in education research, and discuss the current and future impact, for research,
education, and society, of persisting with institutionalized education research where
generalization is problematic..


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Brahm Norwich & Vivienne Baumfield (Network Convenors)