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Visiting Speaker - Elias Nasrallah, Author

"Testimonies on the First Century of Palestine

Elias Nasrallah will be talking about his book "Testimonies on the First Century of Palestine" that has just received the 2017 Ihsan Abbas Award for Culture and Creativity. It is is an autobiographical account of Nasrallah’s life, his family, friends and other Palestinians and Israelis. The events cover the period of the past 100 years He documents the social, political and psychological effects of dispossession and tragedy originating from the Balfour Declaration. Nasrallah provides a unique account of the Palestinian suffering and struggle. He documents the story of the Palestinians that remained in Palestine after the Nakbah of 1948.

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The book also documents the stories of many key persons and events relevant to the modern history of Palestine. His friendship with Naji El Ali, the Palestinian cartoonist, enabled him to provide a detailed account of his Naji’s assassination. He also provides a different and critical account of the allegations against the Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini.

Nasrallah challenges all attempts to suppress and hide the colonial theft and aggression against the Palestinians, during the Nakbah and beyond. This is the story of a native in his native language and in his talk he will be explaining for English listeners his decades-long experience of witnessing events and collecting testimonies.

Nasrallah, as a Palestinian Christian with part of his family being refugees, shows how all Palestinians suffer from colonial power. He and his family are victims of the ongoing dispossession. Nasrallah, through his comprehensive account, unifies Palestinians who have been shattered and fragmented by colonial policies and practices. 

Elias Nasrallah is a well-known Palestinian Arab writer, researcher and journalist based in the UK. Born in Shefa Amr in Galilee 1947. He read Sociology, Statistics and Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Nasrallah is an expert in Middle Eastern and Gulf affairs. His career as a journalist expands over 40 years starting as correspondent and then editor for local Arab newspapers in Israel and Palestine, then in the Arab world, mainly in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Kuwait. He worked for 16 years in Asharq Al Awsat Arabic daily, based in London, of which 8 years he served as editor for Gulf affairs.
His book 'Testimonies on the First Century of Palestine' was published by 'Dar Al Farabi' in Beirut in July 2016.

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