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IHR Seminar: EQ5D: 3L, 5L what the L?

Speaker: Professor Allan Wailoo, University of Sheffield

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EQ-5D is the most widely used measure of health-related quality of life for economic
evaluation. It is NICE’s preferred measure. To date this has been the 3-level version
(3L), but a newer 5-level version (5L) has been produced by the EuroQoL group.
5L was intended to retain many of the features of 3L but be more sensitive.
However, there are differences between the two versions in terms of both the
descriptive system and the valuations for health states. These differences raise
difficult issues for decision makers seeking consistency.

This talk will discuss work that has been done by a team in Sheffield looking at
differences between 3L and 5L. It will show how one can estimate 3L from 5L, and
vice versa, using either patient level data or summary statistics. It will then show the
expected outcome of moving from 3L to 5L in a series of trial based costeffectiveness
studies, and a sample of NICE Technology Appraisals. The
differences are substantial. Finally, the talk will outline ongoing work being
undertaken for NICE and DH that will help determine whether and how to use 5L in
future economic evaluations.


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