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LKD Seminar: Brokering innovation in creating an evidence base for community services

Learning, Knowing, Doing Series

Speaker: Janet Harris, University of Sheffield

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This session will centre on a project that works across government, university, healthcare, and community sectors to agree an evidence base for integrated health and social care services like social prescribing and community navigators. The Triple Helix framework is used to assess whether knowledge brokering can be used to promote innovation in generating evidence, looking at what has been needed to (a) create a Knowledge Space; (b) foster an Innovation Space, where evaluation methods are now being used to establish 'proof of concept'; and (c) create a Consensus Space where local government, NHS, the VCF sector and academics can agree on what’s valued. 

Janet Harris is a Reader in Knowledge Mobilisation at the School of Health & Related Research (ScHARR) in the University of Sheffield. She previously worked in Boston, USA, on cross-sectoral community-based approaches to developing and evaluating large public health programmes and subsequently returned to England to complete a PhD in Public Health based on community-based participatory research.

Video conferenced to MR8, John Bull Building, Plymouth and F083, The Knowledge Spa, Truro

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Please note that parking at each of the venues is very limited; please consider alternative means of travel. Parking at the John Bull Building must be booked in advance

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