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IHR Seminar: Methodological Advances in Evidence Synthesis

Speaker: Orestis Efthimiou, University of Bern

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Network meta-analysis (NMA) is an extension of the usual (pairwise) meta-analysis. It
is a statistical tool for synthesizing evidence obtained from studies comparing multiple
competing interventions for the same disease. In this lecture, we will go through some
recent advances in the eld. First, we will discuss a new model for the NMA of binary
outcomes. This model generalizes the well-known Mantel-Haenszel method, and can be
especially valuable for the case of rare events, e.g. when synthesising data on mortality
or serious adverse events. The method has been implemented in R in freely available,
easy-to-use routines. Second, we will discuss models for including non-randomized studies
in NMA. Non-randomized studies can reveal whether or not interventions are effective in
real-life clinical practice and there is a growing interest in including such evidence in the
decision-making process. Here we present and compare an array of alternative methods,
and we apply some of the methods in previously published clinical examples. Finally, we
will discuss methods for individual participant data network meta-analysis (IPD-NMA).
IPD are considered the gold standard in evidence synthesis, and inclusion of IPD in NMA
offers unique advantages, such as increase in precision, decrease in heterogeneity, as well
as the capacity to individualize the treatment according to a patients characteristics. We
showcase our methods using an example from depression.

Tea will (hopefully) be served after the talk
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South Cloisters 2.13