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"Women's Voices in Kurdish Poetry" by Exeter Kurdish Translation Initiative

This event is a rare opportunity for the Anglophone audience to discover Kurdish poetry in translation. Members of the Exeter Kurdish Translation Initiative will read their original translations of 20th and 21st century Kurdish poetesses and poets and discuss the place of women's issues and the emergence of women's voices in this extremely rich yet little known poetry. Works read will include poems by Hemin Mukriyanî, Abdulla Goran, Trîfa Doskî, and Tîroj. The Exeter Kurdish Translation Initiative was launched in May 2018 following a translation workshop supported by the British Institute for the Study of Iraq and the Centre for Kurdish Studies. It gathers St Andrews and Exeter scholars in Kurdish and Arabic Literatures, Creative Writing, and Translation Studies. This event is part of the Exeter Literary Festival. More information about the festival is available here:

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IAIS Building/LT1