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More Fun or More Phonics? The Power of Story and Games in Integrated Group Reading: a targeted teaching intervention for Year 2 and 3 pupils who are delayed in reading

Centre for Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Open Seminar

Event details

Organised by the research team who have conducted the Nuffield Foundation funded project evaluating the Integrated Group Reading (IGR) programme. Jan Stebbing, Dr George Koutsouris & Professor Brahm Norwich.

About IGR: The Integrated Group Reading (IGR) programme is a wave or tier 2 targeted teaching intervention for Year 2 and 3 pupils who are delayed in reading. Taught by class teachers in a small group during the group class organisation and supported by teaching assistants, all groups of pupils get teacher attention during the week. IGR involves both an inclusive approach to targeted teaching by class teachers and the integration of diverse research-based approaches (language and phonics based) with well-developed materials.

The programme has been evaluated recently in 34 English schools in four areas using a cluster randomised design and process evaluation. The overall analyses show that the multi-perspective IGR approach supports enjoyment of reading with as much reading gain as the more phonics-oriented programmes used in control classes. The process evaluation and case studies illustrate further benefits and challenges not found in the measured outcomes. Other noteworthy findings were the lack of negative effects on the non-IGR pupils’ reading and gains in teachers’ self-efficacy in teaching reading following use of IGR. The findings will be discussed in terms of IGR’s significance as an alternative to the current phonics-based programmes delivered by teaching assistants and further development and research prospects.

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Aims of seminar
The aims of the seminar will be to:

  • discuss the significance of the Integrated Group Reading approach and the Nuffield Foundation funded evaluation of IGR
  • exchange views and explore implications and future directions

If you plan to participate, please register your participation at:

The seminar will be limited to 45 people, there is no charge. If you register and then cannot attend, please let us know in advance. If you have any questions, please contact Brahm Norwich at


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