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Professor Nick Groom - 'Let's discuss over country supper soon': Rebekah Brooks and David Cameron rural realities and rustic representations

A Re-Place research group seminar

An analysis of the notorious text message sent in 2009 by Rebekah Brooks, recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of News International (having previously edited The Sun), to David Cameron, on the eve of his speech as leader to the Conservative Party Conference. The message was disclosed during the Leveson Inquiry, and reveals assumptions and prejudices about the rural experience. Such attitudes characterize the countryside in ways that, historically, have been used to define and control the land, its use, and those who live there. The paper will consequently consider the Chipping Norton set, Coalition rural policy, and popular conceptions and misconceptions about the countryside.

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Nick Groom is Professor in English and Director of ECLIPSE at the University of Exeter.  He has also held academic positions at the Universities of Oxford, Bristol, Stanford, and Chicago.  Nick has published several books, most recently The Gothic (Oxford 2012).   His next book The Seasons will be published later this year, followed by a polemic on the countryside The Lie of the Land shortly after that.

The Re-Place Research group are proud to host the second in a series of three research seminars to promote the work of the group which has been founded to explore the nexus between sustainability and education using place and space as conceptual lenses.   

At the end of the seminar the speaker and members of the research group will remain for an informal discussion about the seminar and how it connects to the work of the group - please do join us to find out more about the group and to get involved.


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