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Professor Adam Sabra (University of California at Santa Barbara) presents the talk "Household and State in Ottoman Egypt: The Case of al-Sāda al-Bakrīy"

Part of the IAIS Visiting Speakers Series

Adam Sabra is Professor of History at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he holds the King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud Chair in Islamic Studies. Currently, he is a senior research fellow at the Alexander von Humboldt Kolleg for the Study of Islamicate Intellectual History at the University of Bonn. He has published extensively on the history of Egypt in the Mamluk and Ottoman sultanates. His most recent publication is ʿAbd al-Wahhab ibn Ahmad ibn ʿAli al-Shaʿrani, Advice for Callow Jurists and Gullible Mendicants on Befriending Emirs' (Yale University Press, 2017).

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The religious elite of Ottoman Cairo was dominated by a number of lineages of considerable wealth and influence. The most prestigious of these lineages was al-Sada al-Bakriya, which rose to importance in the aftermath of the Ottoman conquest of 1517 and whose prestige lasted until the end of the nineteenth century, and even beyond. Using the rubric of the household, a term usually applied to the military-administrative elite, this lecture investigates the nature of the relationship of this lineage with the Ottoman state through the process of succession. Originally, succession within the lineage was an internal affair for the religious scholars, but gradually it became carefully regulated by the Ottoman authorities. This shift had momentous consequences for the relationship between the lineage and the state and the structure of the lineage itself.

Tea and coffee to be served in the IAIS Common Room from 17:00.  Everyone is welcome to attend and registration is not required.

Khalil al-Bakri


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