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An Inaugural Lecture by Professor Justin Dillon

“A National Disgrace: Why Learning Beyond the Classroom Matters More Than Ever”

Professor Justin Dillon, Professor of Science and Environmental Education at the University of Exeter, will be presenting his Inaugural Lecture on “A National Disgrace: Why Learning Beyond the Classroom Matters More Than Ever”

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Everyone remembers their school 'trips' yet we barely scratch the surface of the educational opportunities to be had beyond the classroom. The UK has an abundance of museums, science centres, heritage sites, botanic gardens, etc. often staffed with highly qualified educators. However, while some students attend schools that make use of these facilities, others don't, and it's often those children from less well-off families that consistently miss out. That is, I argue, a national disgrace and one that needs to be addressed.

Justin joined Exeter in January 2018 after spending three years at the University of Bristol as Head of the Graduate School of Education.

After taking a degree in chemistry, he trained as a teacher and taught in six London schools before joining King’s College London in 1989 as a teacher educator and researcher. During his 26 years there, he was involved in a number of research and development projects working with schools, museums, science centres, aquariums and botanic gardens.

Justin was President of the European Association for Research in Science Education from 2007-11 and is currently President of the National Association for Environmental Education and a trustee of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom. In addtion, he co-edited the first ever International Handbook on Research in Environmental Education.

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