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Exploring the use of styles in educational instruction and assessment

In the session I will provide an overview of styles research (cognitive styles, learning styles and approaches to learning). I will highlight and examine key debates and issues in the development and application of styles research with reference to key concepts within the field such as a hierarchy of styles (Kozhevnikov, 2007); a styles profile (Evans & Waring 2009) and the matching hypothesis (Mayer, 2011). The importance of the detailed mapping of styles constructs to other individual learning differences, locating styles research within cognitive psychology will also be discussed (Moskvina and Kozhevnikov, 2011).

Event details

Carol_Evans.docBiography and Abstract for Associate Professor Carol Evans (29K)
CarolEvansVersionusedatseminar.pdfAssociate Professor Carol Evans' PowerPoint presentation (1389K)


Baring Court 114