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St Luke's Day Lecture by Professor Daniel Muijs (Head of Research at Ofsted)

Effective teaching and quality of education

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There is a long tradition of research on teacher effectiveness, which has looked at pedagogy and in particular at what teacher behaviours are linked to better pupil outcomes. This tradition has been influential in school practice, with a range of approaches to both professional development and performance management drawing on both the evidence base from this research and the observation-based methodology that underlies it. As a result, pedagogy and teacher effectiveness have been seen as key indicators of quality of education. This perception has been challenged, however, as commentators have pointed to limitations in methodology and to the limits of a generic approach to pedagogy. As such, the question of whether this work provides a useful measure of quality of education has been questioned. In this presentation I will look at the relationship between teacher effectiveness and quality of education, exploring the evidence on whether effective teaching is leading us down a blind alley when we look at QoE, or is either a necessary or sufficient condition for quality.

Daniel Muijs is Deputy Director with responsibility for Ofsted’s research and evaluation programme. Ofsted is the national inspectorate of schools and social care, and one of the most influential organisations in the English education system. His role includes oversight of Ofsted’s new multi-year research programme across all phases of education and social care, which consists of over 25 projects over two years. He leads a team of 35 researchers and evaluators as well as inspectors working on research projects temporarily. He is responsible for ensuring the 2019 Education Inspection Framework is informed by the best possible evidence from research and academia, and has been charged with ensuring that Ofsted’s research is of a similar quality to that of leading research teams internationally.  Daniel is a visiting professor at the University of Southampton.


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