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Developments in Critical Disability Studies: Implications for Inclusive Education

I have been trying recently to articulate what could be meant by a critical disability studies approach. My recent book (Disability Studies: an interdisciplinary introduction, Sage 2011) and a forthcoming paper (with Helen Meekosha, Critical disability studies: A review essay, for Critical Sociology), account for this emerging trans-disciplinary space through reference to a number of emerging insights including theorizing through materialism; bodies that matter; inter/transectionality; Global disability studies and self and other.

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Many of these insights are developed further; by authors in a book I have edited with Bill Hughes and Lenny Davis (Disability and Social Theory, Palgrave McMillan, due late 2011). In this paper I briefly dis/entangle some themes of critical disability studies and their implications for inclusive education. While we may well start with disability I will suggest that we should never end with it as we learn from other transformative arenas including feminist, critical race and queer theories.

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