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CANCELLED: Integrating health economics into the development and evaluation pipeline for medical tests.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Bethany Shinkins, Lead of the Test Evaluation Group (TEG) at the University of Leeds

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Unfortunately we have had to cancelled the seminar for the 11th December, but hope to reschedule the seminar for a later date. If you would like to receive details for the rescheduled event, please do advise
Modern medicine is increasingly reliant on medical tests; screening programs, diagnosis of
disease, monitoring individuals with chronic disease, and prediction of treatment response and
longer-term health all depend on tests. To recommend the use of a test, guideline developers
(such as NICE or CADTH) require high quality evidence that the test improves patient health and
that it is cost-effective. There are a number of features unique to medical tests that make timely
evidence generation in this area challenging.
This presentation will explore some of these complexities and provide an overview of our
methodological development work in this space, including early economic modelling, target
product profiles, outcome-based analytical performance specifications, adaptive trial designs and
incorporating real world evidence into cost-effectiveness evaluations.