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Raising Student Engagement in Higher Education Conference (Inside Government), London

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Dr Dawn Lees, Curriculum and Work-related Learning Manager, Building an Academic Skills and Student Engagement Team which ensures that lectures, workshops, and peer support are rewarding, engaging and tailored to the needs of students:

  • Launching a Study Zone in 2018, where students can attend personalised 1-1 appointments with staff, attend small group study skills sessions and develop personal learning strategies alongside trained advisers.
  • Employing Academic Skills Advisers to deliver bespoke workshops which have enabled students to engage with university staff beyond core lecture material and develop key academic skills.
  • Building a comprehensive Peer Support programme of over forty Peer Assisted Learning and Peer Mentoring Programmes, working both within disciplines and groups of students such as Care Leavers and mature students.
  • Running the Students as Change Agents and Partners programmes which give students the opportunity to propose changes and lead projects which implements these changes directly impacting their own education.