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Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies

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POSTPONED: 32nd Exeter Gulf Conference

Hosted by the Centre for Gulf Studies

An Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies conference
Date22 June 2020
PlaceInstitute of Arabic and Islamic Studies

Postponed until 2021 - final date to be announced

The 2020 annual Gulf Conference on the theme of Liberalism and Its Paradoxes has been postponed to 2021. Date to be announced.

Within the last decade, a plethora of voices from around the world have emerged to critique liberalism as the regnant ideology of the globe. Rash or relevant, these critiques agree on the unfolding ideological collapse of some of liberalism’s core tropes, such as multiculturalism and freedom of movement, both human and capital. Meanwhile, the regimes of the Arabian Peninsula are currently in the midst of a self-induced reincarnation into precisely the liberal, ‘moderate’, and free-market social orders that have lost currency elsewhere. The Conference will take these changes as an opportunity to ask how we map such ideological change in the Arabian Peninsula.


ProviderInstitute of Arab and Islamic Studies

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