Planning new mandatory training

If you have identified a need for training that you think all, or certain staff groups should undertake, then the People Development Team will help you decide:

  • The format (online, face to face, etc.), content, and which specific groups of staff you want to target.
  • Which category of training this will fall under (see below)
  • If the completion rates of staff or teams need to be monitored, there are implications for the package and software you will use; the identification of accountability for monitoring and what the Trent team will need to do to make it all happen.

First steps

The first step is to contact People Development to arrange a meeting with the Learning and Development Manager who will talk though the process and ask questions. If both parties are then in agreement to proceed, a request will be sent to the HR Director for approval. The HRD is required to keep an overview of the quantity and quality of this training. Please note that without this approval, the training cannot be taken forward.

The training categories

During your conversation with the Learning & Development Manager, we will decide which of the following categories applies to your training. So it is worth looking at this before you meet.

Category A: Statutory The university must ensure all staff, or a specific group, know, understand and act according to the law. For example, ‘Introduction to Health and Safety’. Completion must therefore be monitored.
Category B: Essential to role/grade/group of staff The training is not a legal requirement but the University/HR has decided that certain staff must do this training. For example, ‘Introduction to the University’, PCAP, ‘Recruitment’, 'Manual handling', 'Fire Safety'. Completion must therefore be monitored.
Category C: Recommended for role/grade/group of staff The University/HR have decided that staff should do this training at some point. Completion is not being monitored.

Outline of the process

In summary:

  1. The Sponsor for the training informs People Development (PD) at least six months before they wish the training to go ‘live’. Experience has taught us that this length of time is needed as there are various decision stages and delays along the way, particularly if there are external training providers involved and/or any degree of 'bespoking' is required.
  2. Learning and Development Manager meets with Sponsor to agree:
    • format, theme, timeline, budget
    • category –mandatory, essential or recommended
    • Named person in sponsor’s service responsible for monitoring, agree frequency & what happens to any reports
    • The level of support that PD will provide.
  3. The details of the sponsor’s requirements are recorded by PD and a proposal, with the proposed category, accountability, monitoring procedures is sent to the HR Director for approval.

  4. If the training is judged as ‘mandatory’ or ‘essential’ (category A or B), the PD team ensure a first draft report is set up; the report is generated automatically to specific staff, at time and frequency agreed. After this all actions will sit with the sponsor and those responsible for monitoring completion. 

Please note - at the end of the conversation, the sponsor's service will fund and develop training without further involvement of PD if:

  • the training is judged as category C, i.e. attendance does not need to be monitored
  • the training is not an online package.

Further information

Please contact People Development if you have any queries about this process.