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Bodily Fluids and Sharps


About this course:

This course is designed to increase awareness and gain a better understanding of the management arrangements around bodily fluids and sharps within the University.

Learning outcomes:

As a result of attending this course, you will be able to:.

- List the main types of Blood Bourne Viruses (BBV) and how they can be spread.

- Explain the importance of hand washing.

- Understand the importance and effects of personal protective clothing.

- Describe a variety of control measures when dealing with bodily fluids and sharps.

- Describe the process of safe waste disposal.

Who should attend this course:

All staff who encounters bodily fluids and/or sharps in the line of work e.g.

cleaning, gardening, Estates Patrol, building maintenance etc.


Ian Stone, Health and Safety Advisor.

Before the course:

It is recommended that staff familiarise themselves with the Health and Safety website, in particular the COSHH standard, and the local arrangements within their own departments.


Learning provider:

Health & Safety (

This course is administered by People Development; please contact for any queries.

This course occurs on the following dates
20/02/2018 Streatham: Queen's, Room 1F 11:00 12:00 Ian Stone 3
21/06/2018 Streatham: Hope Hall G.02 14:00 15:00 Ian Stone 8

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