ThemeCategoryDescription of learning opportunityTarget audience
Mandatory staff training Academic staff  Short courses on mandatory specialist topics All academic staff
Professional Services staff Short courses on mandatory specialist topics All professional services staff
Education and research Education and research Range of workshops   All academic staff
Leadership and Management         People Management Courses and programmes for managers/team leaders/supervisors. Designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage individuals and get the best from your team Staff with line management/supervisory responsibilities

Courses and programmes for staff responsible for leading teams and the delivery of services

Staff in leadership roles
Personal Effectiveness     Develop Yourself and Your Career A suite of courses designed to help staff build interpersonal skills and manager their career All Staff
Working within a Team A suite of courses aimed at developing the skills to work in and be part of a team, whether that be a small team or the wider University All Staff
Professional Knowledge and Business Skills Suite of courses on key business themes for all staff All Staff
Wellbeing, Equality and Diversity Short courses on specialist topics All Staff
Health, Safety and Environment

Short courses on specialist topics

All Staff

Information Technology and Audio Visual Learn how to make the best use of our IT systems, learning spaces and AV equipment All Staff
Finance and Procurement Deploy best practice when buying goods and services and understand the systems and processes involved All Staff