Procurement and approved suppliers

20. The University’s arrangements for purchasing travel and accommodation must comply with EU directives on procurement3 and meet standards of ‘good value’. All travel should be booked through the University’s travel agents or otherwise be subjected to competition to determine the best value option.

21. Some types of travel (including most domestic rail travel) are effectively monopolies. In these situations, better value may be achieved from the choice of service, time of travel, type of ticket and travel agent .

22. Several major travel agents, including the University’s travel agents, provide a facility that identifies where travellers should be, according to their itinerary. This facility allows managers in Colleges and Services to know where their travelling personnel ought to be in the event of an incident or emergency. The availability of this facility and its importance should be considered when booking international travel.

*Visit the Procurement Services webpages for more detailed advice and lists of suppliers and agents.

3The University spent approximately £2.3m on travel, events and hotels in 2008/09.