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If you need information about recruitment and how the eSR1 system works please contact your Recruitment contact.

eSR1 guidance and FAQs

eSR1 guidance and FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend you use Chrome for best results.  If you are using IE, reset the browser as follows:

  1. Click on the cog setting in the top right hand side of your browser window
  2. Click internet options
  3. Go to the advanced tab
  4. Click Reset button at the bottom
  5. Click Reset again in the popup
  6. Restart your computer

Contact your budget holder for advice. Your budget holder will normally be your manager.

Recruiting Managers no longer need to complete the Financial Information tab, this will be completed by the Finance Team for university funded posts or by Research Finance for externally funded posts.

The majority of the fields within in the system need to be completed before the eSR1 can be submitted.  The approval tab will state which tabs are not complete.  On these tabs, click the save button and a list of outstanding fields will display at the top of the tab.  Click on the fields listed and you will be taken directly to the field on the tab to complete

Check the eSR1 status is "under edit" (the current status is displayed after the eSR1 P number and position title at the top of the page).  On the Approval Details tab click on the "Change Approval Path" button and then choose the correct path from the dropdown.

If the eSR1 status is "in approval", you will need to cancel and reinstate the eSR1 before changing the approval path.  On the SR1 Summary tab use the "Change Status" button and choose "Cancelled" from the dropdown, click save.  Then choose "Under Edit" and save.  You can then change the approval path and resubmit the eSR1 for approval.

When the eSR1 status is "in approval", on the Approval Details tab, click on the "Add approver" button and add an additional approver from the dropdown.

You will need to cancel and then reinstate the eSR1 before you can make changes. On the SR1 summary tab use the Change status button and choose "Cancelled" from the dropdown, click save. Then choose "Under Edit" and save. You can then make the necessary changes and resubmit for approval.

If you delete an eSR1 we will be unable to subsequently retrieve the data and so you may prefer to archive the eSR1 instead.

To archive an eSR1: On the eSR1 summary tab click on the Archive button, the SR1 will move from the SR1 Listings tab to the Archived tab.

To delete an eSR1: On the eSR1 summary tab click on the red X delete SR1 icon, tick the box "I am sure I want to delete this item" to confirm the action and click on the "Proceed with delete" button.

The system has several ways you can track your eSR1s:

Emails - the system will email you at every step of the eSR1s progression.

SR1 Listings tab - this tab will show all of your live eSR1s and their current status and enable you to search and filter. You can access this tab by clicking on the eSR1 button at the top left hand side of your screen and then choosing SR1 Listings from the dropdown.

Induction Facilitators need to register via the onboarding and induction website. Once registration is complete the People Development team will add their details to the eSR1 system and to the website.

‌You can set up a rule on outlook to Automatically forward eSR1 emails to Proxies so that the system email alerts are forwarded to someone else to approve on your behalf.

If an eSR1 comes to you for approval but the details are incorrect you should first contact the Recruiting Manager to discuss. If the details need changing you will then need to "reject" the eSR1 by choosing "Rejected" from the dropdown list and also clarify the reasoning in the comments box.

The Recruiting Manager will then be able to reinstate the eSR1, make the changes required and resubmit the eSR1 through for approval.

Enter the working hours as 50.77, this includes the hours at time and a third for night working and the hours at time and a half for overtime.  The FTE will then calculate correctly at 1.39.  The only allowance you then need to include is the Shift Allowance.

Enter the working hours as 52.86, this includes the hours at time and a third for night working and the hours at time and a half for overtime. The FTE will then calculate correctly. No allowances need to be included.