International travel

Please make sure you read the University travel policy.

Registering your travel and receiving your travel insurance documents

  • You do not need to have booked your travel to register your trip for travel insurance purposes.
  • Complete the International travel form. By completing this form (and the safety in the field / Risk Assessment form if necessary) staff and post-graduates can be assured that their travel is covered through the University's insurance and you will automatically receive your insurance documents via email.
  • Please refer to the guidance note for help on completing the International Travel Form.
  • This form is only for travel outside England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. There is no travel insurance available for travel within England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Update to travel insurance cover during the Ebola outbreak  

Current Sanctioned Countries

Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, North Sudan

Please provide us with fourteen days notice in respect of travel to the above countries as ACE European Ltd will not provide insurance cover and we are required to arrange insurance cover separately.


No cover under the serious disruption section of the policy (including evacuation) will apply to travel to any of the following areas:

Governorates of: Baghdad, Anbar, Salah ad-Din, Kirkuk, Diyala, Ninewa, Karbala, Babil.

Please contact us with 14 days notice to enable us to arrange cover, for which an additional cost will apply.

High risk travel

Step 1: To register as a user on the new ACE affiliate page, please enter your four digit access code (7796) into the box indicated and then click on the 'proceed' button.

Step 2: To complete the registration process there are a few fields of personal information to fill in as well as requesting you to set a password against your email address. These will then become your log in details to be used for all future log ins. After you are done, click the 'save form' button. Please note you will also be required to read and accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy in order to proceed. 

Step 3: You're done! You can now access and sign up to the range of red24 services under our ACE policy for free. Please note there is an option in the top right hand side of the page to change your personal preferences.

Step 4: To log in again in the future all you need to do is put your email address and password you have set into the boxes on the right hand side of the page. Please note: You do not need to register again.

Changes or cancellations to travel details

If you change your travel details or cancel your trip please email Please include the following details in your email:

  • The travellers name.
  • Form ID – this can be found on your confirmation email.
  • Changes to your travel.

In case of incident

  • Colleges in case of incident please refer to the overseas travel – dealing with an adverse incident overseas document.
  • Travellers please refer to your travel insurance documents that were emailed to you when you registered your travel.

Visa application

Please complete the international travel form, once you have completed the international travel form:

  • Wait for the international travel tracker form confirmation email
  • Click 'Visa letter for [your name]'
  • Put headed paper in your printer
  • Print the visa letter on headed paper

When applying for your visa please ensure that you submit the policy summary, along with your visa letter. The policy summary is linked to the email which is sent to you after your travel is registered on the international travel form.

Undergraduate travel insurance

Bribery Act 2010

Please be aware: Small payments made to government officials or others to make something happen, or happen sooner, (commonly called facilitation payments) are likely to be bribes and unlawful under the Act even if these payments are made outside the UK.

What it means for the University?

By following the international travel procedures. This will allow the University to:

  • Alert or update travellers with messages in the event of emergencies while in-country.
  • Log efficiently details of proposed travel abroad (for insurance purposes).
  • Provide guidance relevant to travel, eg updates on country info that may inform decisions as whether or not to visit a particular country.
  • Allow easy interrogation of collective data – eg to filter who is going to a particular country at a given date – in order that such information may be utilised for overseas marketing purposes. This information will be accessed via ERICAS and key contacts in Professional Services. The data will be online and can be downloaded into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

How to extract traveller data from the Red24 website

Please see the document Guidance Note - How to Use the Red24 Reporting Tool