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WACE Global Challenge

Global Leaders- WACE Global Challenge #7

WACE and Practera

WACE is an International professional organization dedicated to developing, expanding, branding and advocating for cooperative & work-integrated education programs within industry and educational institutions.

Practera is the leading platform to power high-quality experiential learning programs. 

What happens?

WACE Global Challenge is a sustainability strategy program that aims to solve social issues, profitably. In this 4-week virtual program, students will team up in groups of multidisciplinary cross-cultural teams and work collaboratively to solve a real industry challenge for an Industry Client - which could be a Start-Up, NGO (Non-Government Organisation) or Corporate Client.

Students will engage with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and work towards identifying a problem and then work in their teams to find and implement a solution for the identified problem. You will undertake research to identify possible solutions such as a competitor analysis, identifying funding models and implementing marketing tactics as examples.​ After conducting research, students will make recommendations for their client that might enhance their social or environmental impact.

“It is a great opportunity to practice the skills that you already have and develop new traits. I really liked that this program is like a sneak-peek into real professional work! It was interesting to work together with people from different countries and cultures, to meet with a client. Definitely would recommend it to my peers.”  - Nina, University of Central Asia, Tajikistan

“The programme enabled all of us in the team to put what we have learnt from our individual academic specializations into practice with a real-world industry client, igniting our critical thinking skills throughout the process, and it has been an eye-opening experience to be working with a global team.” Yi Xuan, Singapore

When does it happen?

This programme will take place from the 3rd July- 28th July 2023. 

There is an expected minimum 30hr programme commitment across the 4 weeks. You will work to submit 2 project deliverables in teams of 6 students from different disciplines, year levels, countries, backgrounds and skillsets. 

The program will take place over 4 weeks with an expectation that students attend approx. 3 hours of WACE sessions including induction, cultural intelligence and meeting the client in the first week.

Over the next three weeks, approximately 25 hours of project work is expected and then in the final few days an hour and half presentation and reflection session.

Past Global Challenge Industry Projects:

  • Investigation of Employee Giving schemes and implementation plan
  • Recommendations to enhance organization’s social impact strategies
  • Design a learning dashboard for students
  • Investigate and recommend strategies to enhance STEM education in rural areas

What are the eligibility criteria?

  • You will be enrolled as an undergraduate student at the time of the programme (i.e. unfortunately not open to students graduating in July 2023)  
  • We are particularly welcoming applications from students who meet one or more of the Widening Participation Criteria, and these will be prioritised. However, if you do not meet these you are still welcome to apply and will be accepted dependant on places. 
  • Students must be available to take part in the whole length of the programme and will be expected to attend all sessions and participate actively in independent work to meet the project goals and learning outcome


There is no programme fee for successful applicants to this programme. 

Why apply? 

“Graduates face increasing competition when entering the labour market” (UUK, 2017)

 Online mobility is a great way to continue building your employability skillset and intercultural skills without needing to travel. 

What do the clients have to say?

“Well done on researching a topic that is still very much in in its infancy across Asia and bringing to the table concrete examples of how and what areas Asian Trails look at to begin this journey. The report is not only very insightful but also practical and we hope to share it with all our offices as a starting point. Thank you once again” Tara Hammond, Group Sustainability Manager, Asian Trails (Thailand)

“The program brings a lot of value to all parties, students and clients. Moreover, the report provided will help towards decision making when applying for grants. Report was great. Exceeded my expectations. Insightful. I liked competitor analysis which was not discussed in the beginning. Super-rewarding to see young fellows give back to the community. Red Bow is a brand new charity. We are only going live so they did not have much information, they were still able to deliver.” - Natalia Torreira, Co-Founder, The Red Bow

How do I apply?

To apply for this programme, please complete the form in its entirety HERE

Applications close at midnight on Thursday 15th June 2023. 


If you have any further questions, please feel free to email the team at