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Ask An Alum

Ask An Alum is a simple and reliable way to connect University of Exeter alumni with current Exeter students or recent graduates to answer their careers questions via a short email exchange.

With over 27,000 current students and thousands more recent graduates we are always seeking alumni volunteers to share their experiences and careers information on:

• their job roles;
• working for certain organisations or as an entrepreneur;
• employment in their choosen industries and sectors;
• what is it like living and working in different town/cities and countries around the world;
• using their degree in their careers.

  • Alumni register as a volunteer on Ask An Alum.
  • We advertise and promote the opportunity to speak to you by email to our students and graduates.
  • Students and recent graduates apply to Ask An Alum telling us why they want to speak to you, which we will review.
  • We contact you to check it is still convenient to introduce you by email, if yes we introduce you to student or graduate, for you to have a short email exchange.
  • We will remove your profile from view of potential applicants for 4 weeks then publish it again.
  • Every 3 years we email to ask do the Alumni want to update details and or be removed from list for a set period/ removed from list for good.
  • We share that you have volunteered through our scheme with the Alumni Team.
  • A flexible, ad-hoc virtual volunteering opportunity 
  • Help a student or graduate at the beginning of their career by sharing your career experiences
  • Develop your own information and advice giving skills
  • Reflect upon your own career achievements
  • Gain an insight into current student life 
  • Make a future professional contact
  • Give back to the University of Exeter

Please complete this Ask An Alum: Alumni Registration Form and we will be back in touch by email as soon as possible with the next steps.

Any data provided to the University by any party will be processed in accordance with Student Employability and Academic Success (SEAS) Privacy Policy and Alumni and Supports Privacy Policy