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Employer enquiry

International employers

As businesses are increasingly operating in an international marketplace, they have a growing need to recruit the best and brightest talent on a global scale.

We have a diverse talent pool of over 25,000 students, from 130 different countries. This wide-ranging diversity ensures we can provide the right talent for your organisation wherever you are in the world or help you to catalyse the internationalisation of your business. 

Raise awareness of your brand on campus to our multicultural, diverse talent pool. Presentations, skills sessions and exhibiting at recruitment fairs will help you reach out to some of the best and brightest students helping you get the right talent for your organisation.

Why not consider offering an international work placement to our students? It will give you the opportunity of accessing some of the brightest students in the UK with no ongoing commitment. Many of our students looking for overseas working placements are already bi-lingual thus bringing multicultural and language skills directly into your workplace.